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"Melchizedek’s Day"





Melchizedek’s Day by Dr. OWUOR

On November 14th, 2010 at about 4pm, right in the middle of preparing this mighty oracle of God on the fine linen, I fell asleep on the chair and immediately saw the visions of the LORD. In that vision, the LORD wrote for me on a white piece of paper and presented it close to me in that vision. The writings I saw were written with a dark blue ink pen and it read:

Melchizedek's Day Is Known As “The Day of Light” And then I woke up from that vision. This is absolutely stunning because the LORD Himself got involved in writing this divine manuscript on the coming of the MESSIAH. Now I can see that MELCHIZEDEK was the first appearance of the MESSIAH before His incarnation. No wonder the LORD is the Ancient One who was even before Abraham. By MELCHIZEDECKS Day, the LORD refers to the day of the rapture of the church. And because that is the day the LORD will descend down from heaven with a Loud Command, with the Voice of the Archangel and with the Trumpet Call of God, now we know that the LORD God Almighty in heaven views that Day as the Day of Melchizedek. He also Wrote in that vision, that Melchizedek’s Day will be the Day of Light implying that on that day the glory of the LORD will bring the light of God into the church of Christ. And every sin shall be brought to bare even those hidden meditations and contemplation of the heart and minds will be exposed. Whoever will be found wanting on the weighing scale of the LORD, will be left behind as those who are worthy on the scale of righteousness will be taken up into heaven, into the joy and safety of the rapture. The fine linen bright and clean indeed transforms the character of the church into the church of light that they may partake of Mechizedek's Day, the Day of Light.


Now what might have happened historically involving "Melchizedek" whose name means "King of Righteousness”. It is likely Abraham presented the tithe to Melchizedek near the Biblical Moed of FirstFruits.

The New Year of King's (1 Nisan)

Melchizedek was also known as "The King of Salem" Salem means Peace and many believe Salem later became Jerusalem “The City of Peace” seem ironic currently.

Abraham Battles Four Kings (15 Nisan 1738 BC)

When Lot was taken captive by the four kings who conquered the "five cities of the plain" (Sodom, Gomorra, Admah, Zevoim and Zoar), Abraham, aided only by a small band of loyal servants, went to battle to rescue his his nephew; "the night divided for them, for him and his servants, and they defeated them, pursuing them to Hovah, which is to the left of Damascus... And he recovered all the property; also his kinsman, Lot, and his property were recovered, and also the women and the people" (Genesis 14:15-16).

Angels Visit Abraham (15 Nisan 1714 BC)

On the 3rd day following his circumcision at age 99 (see "Today in Jewish History" for Nissan 13) three angels visited Abraham: Rephael healed him, and Michael informed Abraham and Sarah that, in exactly one year, a son will be born to them. (The third angel, Gabriel, proceeded to Sodom to destroy the wicked city).

Some other things happened just after that day...

Sodom Overturned (16 Nisan 1714 BC)

The wicked cities of the Sodom valley, including Sodom, Gemorrah, Admah and Zevoim, were overtuned in punishment of their sins. Only Lot, his wife and two daughters were saved. Lot's wife, however, turned into a pillar of salt when she failed to heed the Divine warning not to look back at the burning cities

Manna Ends (16 Nisan 1273 BC)

On the 16th of Nissan of the year 2488 from creation (1273 BC), six days after the Children of Israel entered the Holy Land under the leadership of Joshua, their remaining supply of the miraculous "bread from heaven," which had sustained them since shortly after their exodus from Egypt 40 years earlier, ran out. (The manna had ceased falling on the previous Adar 7, the day of Moses' passing.)

“Day of Melchezideck” Could mean…