Merianne (18 Apr 2011)
"RE:  Jennie (Night Terrors)"

TO:  Jennie (Night Terrors) Possible sleep apnea problem
You might want to get some tests done to see if you have sleep apnea.
My father in law has been having night terrors where he has nightmares
that someone is choking him or that he has swallowed something or both.
He has them every other night at the most and at least a couple times a
week at the least.
The enemy might be using this situation to attack you while you are weak.
My father in law recently just got tested for sleep apnea and he tested
positive for it.  I feel in my heart that because he has had these nightmares,
it is what has actually saved him many times over.  He just stops breathing and his
oxygen levels go pretty low and then he has these nightmares where he
feels like he's being choked or he has swallowed his contacts of carkeys etc.
The difference between you and him is that you are saved.  He is not.  Either way
the nightmares might be tied closely with a possible sleep apnea problem.  You
may want to go to the doctor to ask for one of these tests to be done and just rule
that out.  If you DO have sleep apnea, they have devices that will help decrease
the incidents like you have been experiencing.  And as always, play praise music
before you go to bed, speak scripture out loud, do whatever it takes to help give
you a peaceful mind before you go to sleep.
I am praying for you.