Mercer (19 Apr 2011)
"Prince William to honey moon,in Jordan??"

Well how interesting if true.....Petra? Where the Jews flee?
This wedding is getting weirder evry day
Where Kate Middleton and Prince William will spend their honeymoon has always been categorized as top-secret information, but Britain's Telegraph newspaper has reported that the couple is "believed to be planning a trip to Jordan for their post-wedding getaway."

The newspaper says the newlyweds will have a two-week-long honeymoon after the royal wedding.

The romantic break will be split in two, with one half consisting of a week-long tour of southern Jordan, touring the country's most famous sites, including the ancient city of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert valley.

The plan is for the royal honeymoon to start April 29. Jordan is thought to be Kate and Will's preferred foreign destination, according to the Telegraph.