MC (23 Apr 2011)
"Another Look at What Hussein's Hiding"

Hi Doves,
      Over the last two years, I've been on a spiritual search through the ancient history of evil. Just as Jesus Christ and his church celebrates and worships the Lord at places like St. Peter's in Rome, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio TX, or at little Glen Ellyn Bible Church, our ancient enemy also has temples and shrines where his followers can assemble to worship the first heretic satan. They're called mosques, temples etc,.
      As most of you already know, evil is worshiped everyday at abortion mills all over the planet. However, specific satanic worship is limited, to a few rebuilt, ancient monuments and temples are located in India, Burma, Jordan and Berlin.  Specifically, Satan's Throneroom has been painstakenly restored and is on public display in Berlin. It just so happens, Hussein has visited them all during his current rise to power. He's not finished yet. I suspect, Obama believes the role of world dictator remains within his grasp.
     It makes perfect sense when we consider the failure of the President to produce a BC, college transcripts, travel documents, or valid passports. His blanket refusal to produce any of these materials leaves any reasonable person a great number of serious questions. The severity of the information Obama refuses to reveal must be absolutely devastating.
     Consider Hussein's a democrat, so adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophia, fraud, treason, prostitution and money laundering are all considered political assets, personal values and badges of honor.
     That leaves us with very few crimes left to commit. Perhaps, the details Hussein's spending millions to hide involves a special birthdate which would identify him as the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible. Very little else makes any sense  
      Referring to Daniel 17:25; we are told that the AC will seek to change dates and seasons. Consider that Obama's birthdate has already been altered from April 19th 1961 to August 8th 1961?
      We know that a fully formed, mature infant was allegedly presented to his grandparents only three days after his birth in Hawaii. His mother was immediately taking a full load of fall classes at the Univ. of Washington 72 hours after BHO was allegedly born.  Researchers without knowledge of BHO's involvement in the occult have had their doubts about his DOB since 2008. Now that timeline comes more completely unravelled than his plans for healthcare.
     Several well known ancient 'antichrists' and one modern antichrist share April 19-20 as their common DOB. Hamman, Nero, Mohammed and Adolph Hitler all share this DOB with our President. In addition, their most important goal was the genocide of the Jewish people. That might also explain Obama's support for a UN mandated State of Palestine?
    What do the Doves think about what Hussein's hiding?
                                                                 Michael Curtiss