MC (22 Apr 2011)
"Anti-Tea Party Radical Demands Beheading of Business Owners and Conservatives"


Dear Doves,

       It's official, the radical left has jumped into bed with the Islamist factions of the Moslem Brotherhood. Unionistas from Madison Wisconsin have begun to use techniques they've learned from their new BFF's in the Middle East. This coordination of union thugs, anarchists and violent revolutionaries forecasts a long hot violent Summer here in the USA.
       Just as hot as Egypt where Google activists used twitter technologies to organize protest marches. Western 'flash mobs' were copied by revolutionaries across the Middle East to topple governments and remove dictators. The Obama Regime's now flying air strikes to protect Obamas friends in the Moslem Brotherhood and Al Quida.
       Remember, we now know that the Gaza Flotilla was organized in the White House by Obama luitenants Bernadette Dohrn and Bill Ayers. Another flotilla with Ayers and Dohrn aboard sails for Gaza this week. Get ready, stock up and don't be duped into marching for communists, or union thugs.
       Here's the story below
                                                       Mike Curtiss
Taking a Page from Islamists’ Playbook, Anti-Tea Party Radical Demands Beheading of Business Owners and Conservatives


Last weekend, Tea Parties throughout the country held Tax Day rallies to protest bloated government budgets, ever increasing debt, and the ballooning entitlement state. Some among the Left were not content to let the Tea Party own Tax Day.
In Arkansas, an anti-Tea Party rally dubbed “Make Them Pay” took place on the steps of the state capitol. Jim Lendall, a former state representative and 2010 Green Party Gubernatorial nominee, was applauded when he took the podium to call for the beheading of businessmen and conservatives.
The French, inspired by our American Revolution, knew how to deal with the wealthy arrogant aristocrats. The French people built guillotines. Maybe we can park a guillotine in front of every chamber of commerce, corporate headquarters, bank, investment house, and Republican Party headquarters to remind them that democracy is about people, not profits. We need to tell them in one clear voice, ‘No more greed.’
The video was picked up by Breitbart. Check it out. Note the amused approving smirks, the aloof comfort, and the eagerly offered applause.
The easy point to make, which Americans for Prosperity Arkansas does, is that Lendall’s call to violence highlights a double-standard. What if a similar comment were made at a Tea Party rally? There’s no doubt it would be a top story for days.
However, there’s a more instructive point to take away. Unlike Sarah Palin’s depiction of gun sights on a campaign map, this is not a political metaphor. Lendall references the French Revolution as a template for how the Left should proceed. At the very least, he suggests that the threat of violence is a legitimate political tactic.

"Off with their heads!"

Even more instructive is the “sin” which incurs Lendall’s wrath. Making a profit is, to his mind, a capital offense. Being productive, creating wealth, providing jobs and opportunities for others, all are heinous undertakings deserving of death.
You have to wonder what Lendall would prescribe as a next step, after beheading all the wealth creators. How do you run the world after you’ve “made them pay?”
Whatever Lendall’s answer, we can be assured of its nonsense. That’s because, unless he’s prepared to lie down and starve to death, Lendall and the leftist remnant of their New Reign of Terror would need to create and manage wealth, or conquer others to do it for them.
In any case, this moment highlights the tyrannical impulse which underlies leftist thought. They want to park a guillotine on your yard. We want to be left alone. By all means, bring on that argument.