MC (21 Apr 2011)
"Flash Riots Begin in the USA"

Hi John,
           Please post my letter, satan knows his time is short. Look at how fast he's deteriorating the Earth! I'm certain this 'schedule' further supports the April Holy Week Rapture. We need to warn others about this conspiracy to install an American dictatorship based upon martial law generated by these coming violent demonstrations. It's all a set-up John.
           Please pray for me, my wife and son. You know how I struggle with chronic nerve pain, anger and frustration. By God's grace alone we are made worthy. Thanks be to Jesus Christ John! Praise the Lord!
           Please call me for further documentation. Warn the people!
                                                In Christ Alone,
Dear Doves,
            Just like the mobs in Cairo Egypt that collapsed the Mubarak government, the democrat socialists here announced a series of Flash Riots begining April 26th. With their stated goals to destabilize our country, increase domestic anxiety and elevate Obama to a position of sole ruler of the USA.
            Remember, the website I'm giving you is the enemy planning website..
Make no mistake, this is the classic Cloward Piven strategy of the unions, and Geo. Soros. The goal's to cause hyperinflation, crash the system  and profit enormously from the misery of others,
            Seeing this announcement alongside the Frederal Reserve and QE 3, the printing of yet another batch of funny paper, There are no buyers, except for the US government.
            I pray the Rapture occurs this Spring and all of the Doves are considered worthy to escape the coming nightmare. Stock up on everything, as you don't know yet when we'll hear that trumpet blast. We'll know soon, YBIC
                                                         Mike Curtiss