MC (21 Apr 2011)
"Whats Really Hidden on Obama's BC"

Dear Doves,
           Thousands of blog hours have been spent speculating about the information Hussein's so desparate to hide from the American people. It's not merely the original long form Certificate of Live Birth. He's paying millions and demands complete 'blanket immunity' He won't release anything! Obama refuses to release college grades, travel details, personal, or medical histories.
           Foreign birth, his Father's status as a subject of the British Crown, illegal fraudulent abuses of student loan program, travel to banned enemy combatant states on phony foreign passports He won't explain why he was forced to surrender his license to practice law in Illinois, yet the far Left media won't do it's job and expose him, because they share the same twisted political agenda.
           Obama won't explain his usage of as many as seven Social Security numbers, foreign Passports and forged documents. By refusing to be honest in any of his personal affairs, the President's reinventing the truth. His distortions of the truth is ominously remenscient of the mytholgies that surrounded the early life of Adolph Hitler. A allout media blitz has erected a fortress built upon lies protecting Obama. What behavior, or act could possibly be so grave that the fawning media, the syncophantic press, or the all forgiving nature of the American people would turn on Obama? What would make everyone suddenly impeach, or remove their captain? 
           Some of you might recall the research I've done examining the modern day 'spirit of anti-christ. and it's direct connection to ancient evil empires of antiquity. There are just too many coincedences involved for me point them all out. It would result in a book lengthen manuscript.
           My purpose tonight is to examine how Hussein might have altered his birthdate. I suspect that this is what he's spending millions to hide. Why would he be concerned about the public knowing his real birthdate? Let me show you how Obama might just share the same birthdate of at least four ancient evil rulers or anti-christs. April 19/20
           Tonight, I saw the difference between the method the US uses to report dates, months and years and the European reality that would have existed in the British colony of Kenya in 1961. August 9th 1961 could easily be read as 4/19/61 by people misreading a foreign passport.
           Do you think that knowing Barrack Hussein Obama shares the same date of birth with Mohammed, Haman and Adolph Hitler just might let the cat out of the bag. Do you think that satan has a date of birth? If he does, I'd wager it's April 19th.
                                                Mike Curtiss