MC (18 Apr 2011)
"The Financial Meltdown is Here Obama and the Classic Cloward Piven"


Dear Doves,

           I find it hard to bring such a depressing mood to the board at a time when so very many of us expect to see Jesus face-to-face soon. Terror lurks around this world seeking to trip up, catch and destroy everyone not fixing their gaze upon Jesus and His fiscal policy.

           Congress has to cut spending immediately, massively, and yet using judgement. If the Debt Ceiling is increased, the Fed will just do QE3 because they don't have any choice. They don't have a choice because no one is going to lend them $100 Billion per month because QE2 already poisoned the well. The results of QE2 will create Hyper-Inflation this year and it cannot be stopped. See the Chart below. This is the Commodities Future Index and the first of the 6 month futures from September 2010 are just coming due, so April will start showing this in the month to month inflation numbers, of which we just had a taste in the shocking March numbers.

CRB Index for the last 6 months.. (Future Freepers Sorry, this is a snapshot URL) this post won't make sense a month after the current date.)

The last 40 years have nothing to do with the current situation because folks had the good sense to go Ape Sh%$t when Nixon gave up the Gold Standard. What they are doing now.. the BASELESS STANDARD, the NOT EVEN GREEN ANYMORE.. standard.. heck.. it isn't even paper. Just electrons representing lies that our children have to make real by living in bondage.

If the Debt Ceiling is increased, the Fed will do QE3 to keep Treasury auctions from failing. Something immediate and substantial needs to be done, and Congress just punted.

Some say, "If interest rates on Treasuries skyrocket then everyone, including China and Saudi will jump back into dollars with wild abandon." But, more likely, there will be no takers for $100 Billion per month.. but the interest rates may rise anyway.. rather... it is much more likely that QE3 occurs for the same reasons as QE2 but the situation is more desperate.

The problem with that.. is that the US is deep into short term borrowing which means that the Deficit will balloon insanely the minute interest rates begin to rise..

You get into a trap, there is no interest rate high enough that overcomes the real likelihood of loss of the original principle. Equity works because it based on the analysis of the risk vs reward of appreciation or loss of the capital investment. Bond work on the assurance that the capital invested is safe, over a certain level of risk, they are considered junk because they are inherently not safe.

What foreign companies will do is use the fake dollars we have given them to purchase real US assets leaving us in an inflationary spiral and vassals in our own land. They will at some point soon, months, insist that all of our borrowing be done in their currency rather than ours and this is when our goose is cooked.

This is a story as old as Joseph, the Pharaoh and the 7 years of famine. It ended with all of Egypt in Slavery including the Israelites whom only God could save.

What is sick is that Beck warned of this 6 months ago and we just couldn't see it back then.. but now it is obvious.. and yet we are not doing anything to stop it.

There comes a point in every PONZIE scheme where the new members cannot sustain the deal and it all comes tumbling down. Social Security is the Ponzie scheme and we all know it. It has failed we are selling our very lives and putting our children into the fire of slavery and death and oppression. This has to end worse than Greece and Obama and crowd know it and are cheering with the torches in their hands. This is the Clovin-Pevin crisis they have been working for, but we don't have to go there willingly.

In case you have any doubt in your heart..

Goodbye, AmeriCorps. Hello, FoodStampCorps.
By Michelle Malkin • April 15, 2011 10:14 AM

So much for the new era of fiscal responsibility. The federal government’s dependency drones have been spared the chopping block. After vowing to eliminate funding for President Obama’s bloated $6 billion AmeriCorps social justice army, House Republicans retreated — and will shrink the AmeriCorps budget by a minuscule 6.7 percent.

Yes, across the Internet, the feds are recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA (“Volunteers in Service to America”) workers to apply for jobs as publicists for the welfare state. Their mission: to sign up as many people to federal food stamp rolls as possible. Because, you know, the record-breaking 12 million that have been added since Obama took office is apparently not good enough.

These people are serious and using Cloward-Piven like a Bible and they are on a mission.

First and foremost, people have been lied to and they are not ready for dealing with the reality of this. Beck and Palin see Trump's big mouth as a distraction but people are sick of lies. I am.

It starts here first. We quit lying to ourselves. I saw the charts that I posted here this weekend and they made me sick. The guy at has seen this for a while.. and unfortunately decided to make this a sales pitch with a 20 minute clouded presentation at the beginning.

The crisis doesn't come from "Bankruptcy" as Hannity keeps saying.. but the loss of "Reserve Currency Status" and the meetings are going on around the world to get this accomplished. I am sure they would like to do this without destroying the value of the dollars they already have.. but QE3 will destroy this value anyway.. so after June 2011, a crisis is assured soon no matter what if the DEBT CEILING IS INCREASED without substantial immediate and draconian cutting and a mechanism to absolutely end the deficit borrowing in 24 months.

Go outside, look around, do we love this country? If we do, we have only about 2 months to do something.