Matthew Park (27 Apr 2011)
"I wish to share the following"

Dear brother John,

I am not saying this might happen.  I am not saying I dreamt something and
it may mean something or something else.

I am saying this will happen on the 21th.  Call it prophesying or making
prediction but I want to make it clear that I am speaking with authority and
with certainty.  This was no dream.  I was given a vision by my angel last

I am doing this so that people will understand that I speak the truth and I
do this to show our Father's glory.

I share exactly what I heard and saw.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

The vision began by by my angel speaking to me.  He said, "As the 20th
(meaning 20th day of the month) and I saw the date 20th, & 21st on the next

I saw a missile slowly emerge out of water then began picking up speed.  It
was a big one because I saw how it behaved.  It took some time for the
missile to pick up speed so it couldn't be a small missile.

Then I saw a big war ship, possibly a carrier.  After it was struck, it
slowly began to turn to its side.  Have you ever seen a gold fish die?
 Before its belly turns up, it turns to its side.  That's what this huge
ship was doing.  Before I could finish watching this, my angel showed me
other events.  The sky had turned red.  Many other events were taking place
but since there were so many events taking place, my eyes could no longer
follow them.

This vision was given by the same angel who had whispered the date of May
21th few weeks ago.

The problem with my visions is that they are all very short.  I do not know
why this is so.  I cannot press my angels for more clarity or more
definition. Nor can I will a vision.  The longest vision I had was the word
"Judgment" repeatedly written in almost transparent gold.  Even this
lasted no more than few seconds.

I have a vision of eagle.  My eyes are fast and I can catch things very
quickly and accurately.  Even so, these visions are so fast that it's very
painful for me to extract details out of my visions.

So there you have it.

Brother John,

If my vision does not come to pass, I will never bother you again.  However,
if it is fulfilled as I have stated, will you continue to share what I have
to say to everyone?  I have a very important message to announce.  The Holy
Spirit told me that I am a trumpeter.  I feel obligated to continue sounding
the alarm.

I have to tell people about what Rev. David Wilkerson prophesied many years
ago and I need to further clarify it as the time is upon us now.  It
concerns Revelation 12.  What I say will anger many people.  Nevertheless,
if God commands you to do something, what can you do?  I humbly seek your
understanding and assistance as His servant.

Kyrie eleison,

Matthew Park