Mary Anna (30 Apr 2011)
"US May See Record Number Of Tornadoes This Year: Hal Lindsey"

   "More than 900 tornadoes had been reported since April 1st. 164 tornadoes tore across an area stretching from Mississippi to Virginia, Wednesday, flattening homes, flipping over cars and leaving a trail of destruction.  Hundreds are dead."

   In Virginia a tornado tried hard to get in my front door but fortunately my door held. Only my apple blossom wreath was taken before it left, Thank the Good Lord.  Up the road about 6 miles though, it did do considerable damage to a couple homes sadly.

   I do think this is a sign of the times and it can't be too much longer before we leave when the Lord comes to take us home.   Patients is not one of my virtues, sorry to say!

   May God bless and protect us all....mentally and physically.  In His Name I pray.       Amen.
Mary Anna