Mary Adams (11 Apr 2011)
"Praise Report"


Dear Doves,
Have a good report to share with you concerning Malaysia: 
The Malaysian Government had taken over 30,000 donated, printed bibles away from the Christians because they used the word "Allah" for God, which is the only word for Him in their language. Also they insisted the Christians must put a stamp on them "for Christians only".  But the Christians then refused to take them back because of their belief that the Word of God is for everyone.  So a long stalemate has been effect ever since. (Many months). Finally, yesterday the Government changed its mind and wrote the following letter in their favor:"
"The Malaysian government has decided no further conditions will be placed on local
productions of the Bibles in Sabah and Sarawak (east Malaysia). They can just put a cross and
the words 'Christian publication' on them." 
Can you imagine that the Muslims would then state the following: WE HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE US!!  Incredible!
The Bible Society of Malaysia quickly replied to the letter, "We forgive...without hesitation!"
This is a miraculous thing that has happened!  We should all rejoice!
I preached this morning at the main service here in Bangalore and my scripture was Isaiah 25:8:
"He shall swallow up death in victory and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces and THE REBUKE OF HIS PEOPLE SHALL HE TAKE AWAY FROM OFF ALL THE EARTH, FOR THE LORD HATH SPOKEN IT".
Most likely, all this was done because of an upcoming election in these two states, which are predominately Christian, but under the rule of a corrupt government.  No matter the reason, it sure made everyone happy to know the knee has been bowed so far as the distribution of these Bibles.  Hallelujah!
Now for the election....keep up your prayers.
Mary E. Adams
In India