Mary (13 Apr 2011)
"Re  Linda Arn  Help please  from Mary"

Linda,  I hope you get other reply's besides mine. as I am lousy with directions...but here goes....
Click on link 
Bring up page.
Clear right side of page, just underneath picture
look for tiny words all in a row
About   How to:  Rules    contact
Click on contact and scroll down  till you see
Email US-  with a list of people who can give you a pass word
and directions on how to log in.
They will give you a temporary pass word to get started then you can change to one that you are comfortable with.
Hope this helps  Mary

My user name and password do not work on the new site and
I don't see an option anywhere on the site to register. Thanks.
OOOOOOPS  !  Thought you were a new person to the web site.
Your  OLD  password    WILL  not work.  You need
to  re-register.   See my other Email and follow directionss
Hope this helps  ...