Marc McIntosh (11 Apr 2011)
""Test the spirits" (and a small request)"

Dear John and Doves,

It has been a long time since I was able to write, without going into great detail I have been dealing with a number of health issues but Glory to God, I am still here in the land of the living.

I've been dreaming a lot (probably due to medications but that's another story) and while the validity and reliability of any dream must be considered (especially when possibly influenced by such medication), there is one 'theme' or series of words that keep coming back to me time after time, which is:

"Test the spirits", i.e., do not automatically accept that which purports to represent the Spirit of the Living God. Seek the guidance of The Holy Spirit, especially in these latter times. Great wickedness, evil and chaos have been unleashed upon the Earth and yet this is only the beginning, I was stunned to awake and find that Japan had suffered such natural -and- nuclear calamities, God have mercy upon them.

Some of us will face the coming of our Lord with utter jubilation and exclamation, joyous in victory and being delivered as His Word promises. Others will barely make it across that spiritual finish line, perhaps due to their own mishaps, perhaps due to the actions of others, but God is Merciful and will not allow us to be plucked out of His Hand. This I believe. For myself, I will be joyful and content to trim the hedges and cut the grass around the edges of the Kingdom of God, as long as I am inside those hallowed gates.

If anyone is led to do so, I would be very grateful for a word or two in your prayers, I don't need to go into specific detail, Dr. Jesus, our Great Physician is "on the case" and He knows what I am dealing with and what I am facing. Any spiritual encouragement that you might lift up in my behalf, I would be eternally thankful for.

As I am able, I will try to write some more as this year proceeds.

May the Lord be with you all.

Marc McIntosh