Mahina (16 Apr 2011)
"To Patty Hayes about Mormons"

Hello Patty,

Two of my family members became Mormons while I still in my parent’s home.  My two siblings would bring over Mormon missionaries to proselytize their friends.  Our Mother would always argue with the missionaries to get them to admit the truth about what they believe in front of the people being sucked in to this false religion.  Again and again I watched the missionaries lie about what they believe.  Mormons believe that they don’t have to be honest about what they believe to gentiles as they call the rest of us who aren’t in Mormonism.  They fool people into the church by mimicking the beliefs of real Christianity.  It isn’t until one is in deep enough to be trusted not to leave that they begin to teach what they believe is the truth

Please remember that truth sandwiches have a big lie in the middle.  Mormons excel at sandwiching a big fat lie with a layer of the gospel truth.  I don’t understand why anyone would try to defend any person (i.e. Glen Beck or Mitt Romney) who could possibly lead so many people astray with a controlling false religion.  If you like their politics that’s one thing, but to try and defend their religion is blasphemy.  One does not get baptized into the Mormon church without knowing what Mormons believe.

Patty, I don’t mean to be cruel in any way, I pray blessings of wisdom for you.  I have been put down and mocked too many times by Mormons for my born again Christian beliefs to sit quietly by while I watch Glen Beck behave like every other Mormon I have met. I love the Mormons in my family and pray for them despite the years of abuse by them I suffered growing up.  Please don’t be foolish enough to be sucked into their new ecumenical movement that says, ‘Were just like you’.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. 


Always remember to put Jesus and His teachings before any man,