Lynnette (30 Apr 2011)
"Kathy S re: "vision of Heaven and hell""


Thank you for sharing this testimony. Examining our lives in light of the scriptures is essential to our continuing in growth.
My pastor is speaking on hell this Sunday so please pray for the message.
By the way, it seems one spanish site mentioned  Angelica 's vision occurred in Nov 2009 ( Having occurred after she was invited to fast in August) 

"The video documentary was produced by the ministry: "El Sueño de Dios" together with "Godfilms"
Transcribed into English from Spanish Video (Thanks to Sandra)
Date of Death Experience was Nov.7th, 2009
This testimony has been edited & minimally abridged.  Most Illustrations were not part of the original testimony.
Originally in Spanish, For the unpolished verbatim English video transcription click here "

Kathy S (29 Apr 2011)
"vision of heaven and hell"

Hello John and 5 doves!
This is a wonderful read of a 15 yr old girl that leaves her body for 23 hrs and is showed hell and heaven buy Jesus.  This happened about August of last year. her name is angelica and she lives in ecquador.  John, IF this has been posted...please disregard. 
IF NOT...please read.  it has a video if you'd rather watch her speak it.  but she uses an interpretor and it was easier for me to read it.  It is LONG, but so, sooooooo worth it.  I heard things about heaven and hell I hadn't heard before.  also talks about famous people that are in hell now.  Even an 8 yr old boy!  You know, I knew satan was attacking our kids thru tv and games.  but, wow...Jesus explains WHY he was sent to hell.  It is a diffinite eye opener.
hope you will be blest as I and challenged to search every nic and cranny of our brain as to what might be unrepented of.