Lynnette (27 Apr 2011)
"Jim Norman -our Faith"


Dear Jim, This acronym for FAITH  was recited years ago  and I feel certain I have not explored it , meditated and lived by it fully!!


I felt grateful for your sharing & the link you referred to for your insight.
I would like to look at the site since the Abrahamic Covenant as been foundational during in my Christian learning.
The  Blessing of Abraham  is , I believe, extended to us  and yet I feel unable to give natural evidence & full manifestation of His Promises in all areas of my life. God is working a deep and thorough plan out in my life. I am continually learning to practice His way & develop into the disciple He calls me to become.
As well, we have been given the better covenant provided by the victory of the Cross & Resurrection.
Hebrews chapters 8-12 has reference for it.
I will pray for you & your health - as I am learning ,walking out  & practicing His Word. He said the just shall live by faith. I have seen His Grace & mercy enough to desire to follow Him further by  pressing into Him & His Word in the midst of all circumstances. I am "Praising Him" using His promises in the midst of circumstances- and find Him coming into- (inhabiting) my praises in those situations.  Your Sister in Christ, Lynnette

Referencing your posts of April 25: