Lynnette (19 Apr 2011)
"John Clark -Monday app't"


Dear John, Saw your note to Susan B
about your appointment  4/18 ( Monday )  !!!!  I will continue to lift my hands & Praise God   \o/ \o/ \o/   for  this unfolding for you!!
I will continue  to pray for you as you journey ahead.

By the way, I heard  :-) coincidence  is not a word in the Hebrew language - so you finding the name of a cardiologist / electrophysiologist  - then having your boss- be not only familiar with him- but have a personal connection with him- might be more "God at work to bless & favor you"  in their language.  :-)   God is so faithful to HIS Word !!  YSIC, Lynnette

PS The supplement approach you made reference for  plantar fasciitis - may be an item I'll come back to later with you,
if my friend is interested..   Thanks!