Lynnette (19 Apr 2011)
"Nisan 17  Day of King& Esther's feast


Dear John & Doves,

We celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim recognizing  the deliverance of  Esther & the Hebrew people-- last month. So I felt confused to read that Nisan 17 (this April 21) -- is  considered ( again?) the date of deliverance for her & all the Hebrew people?

It is included with the miracles associated with Nisan 17 and recorded here  and the deliverance  is mentioned again in the Book of Esther 3:1-12  and Esther 5 :1  having occurred in the month of Nisan.
So I contacted a Rabbi in my area who has provided insight for me.
He explained that during these days of Nisan,  the feast was held & the King heard of & stopped the plot against the Hebrews.
Nisan 17   is   the day the tables were turned on the enemy (Haman).

The day of Purim was the actual date set & sealed by the King's order for the Hebrews' destruction. The enemy's plan to destroy the Hebrews on that date in the future--was  prevented by the King's intervening decree.
It's been all very interesting to me to realize
 Nisan 17 was the feast/ dinner where the King presided with Esther-- & wouldn't it make an ideal day :-)   for our King Jesus to preside at a (wedding ) feast with His Bride (us) and protect us from from any destruction the enemy had hoped for us!!   

We serve a Very Real God & I hope to see you all at Supper very soon, Lynnette