Lynnette (13 Apr 2011)
"John Clark"


Dear John Clark,

The Doves forum has some of THE  BEST in God's Kingdom involved here!
I was so blessed to see Paul Synder's  comments & concern for your situation and your note back.

I still wanted to respond to you-- that the Taurine 500mg tabs are what I use. Price for 50 caplets runs about $5.00
Just to complete that part of my note.

Separately, a truly profound product I discovered-  though its been around - over 40 years !!  is Cellfood - it's made to
deliver nutrients more directly to the cells. It has been invaluable to my health & is preferred by many professionals & athletes worldwide. Their endorsements are found in the sports brochure from the company.
Since there can be a detoxifying effect - I was advised to use ONLY two drops in water daily & Gradually increase over several weeks to the full dosage. It's been invaluable to me & family to restoring our wellbeing.

Here are some links if  interested: and the company site: Though I recommend first time users to purchase an individual bottle through their local health & nutrition stores. Volume discounts for health professionals are possible through the company.

BESIDES all these things- I will partner to pray for you & praise God  as you navigate this journey, YSIC, Lynnette