Luis Vega (26 Apr 2011)
"Revelation 12 Sign in Heavens?"

There is a lot of hype about the ‘blue’ Comet Elenin -which has been verified and the speculation of the coming ‘red’ Planet X or Nibiru in 2012. Some consider them the same phenomena. Both events have now been enveloped in conspiracy theory for sure but there some peculiarities about them that makes you wonder?! Like the Fukashema meltdown… the ‘official’ policy of actual disclosures is intentional to minimize panic and pandemonium. Many amateur astronomers and government agencies like NASA did actually disclose and discover the so called Planet X but have retracted statements and there is no official coordinates to locate the Planet in question. I acquired the coordinates that might be an approximation of where the Planet would be as Stellarium does not recognize such a body but it might be an approximation nonetheless.

That being said, I wondered if the Vision of John in Revelation Chapter 12 is actually correlating to a physical manifestation in the near future or was is it just an Amelanistic spiritualization as they claim? I ventured to investigate the Ecliptic path of the Sun and Moon on each September Rosh Hashana date from 2013-2019 and only on 2 consecutive years does anything close to the vision occurs: September 9, 2013 and September 16, 2014. I am not setting out to prove anything only that it might be a unique coincidence as the pieces seem to fit the pattern and not that anything significant has to fall in a particular Jewish Feast Day or pattern either; it is mere conjecture for your curiosity in such matters. But if this theory is proven correct….wow! “As above, so below”….

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