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"Audio:The Bridal Itinerary- The First 40-50 Days- Songs of Solomon Chapter 2"


THE BRIDAL ITINERARY-   Prophecy In The Songs of Solomon

NEW! Audio for Prophecy in the Songs

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 Quick Summary of Songs of Solomon Chapter 2: Chapter Two confirms the bride will be in ministry as Jesus was in ministry for a period of 40 days after his resurrection. This chapter follows very closely to that 50 day period, Firstfruits to Pentecost banquet ,“ 4He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love”.

It is the end of the spring
, winter is past, the rain is over (March and April is past, Month 1 &2) and gone.  He calls her to  “rise up" O my dove-Bride, "thou art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs"; the bride is rising up completing the blue print pattern set by Jesus for his bride.  As she is in the way of the stairs and he pears down at her  from behind their wall. While she is in the stairs, her beloved ask her to grab hold of the foxes represent the "religious cloth" Sadducee and Pharisees types who are spoiling their  vine ("our vine").
  As the bride ascends he  has breath-taking words to say to her
  4O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.  Again the bride coming and going, following Clue 7 of the Blue Print Pattern of Jesus for the Bride, and also Clue 8 the Waving of the Omer, where ALL Eyes are on the Barley for 49 days! Songs confirms the waving of the Omer (measure of Barley) which is the waving of the Bride of Christ. In the Audio on chapter 1, in verse 1 with Solomon, his name is linked to the waving of the omer, which is completeness!   He becomes complete as his bride body joins him the head, the two are one  on this day, firstfruits! (to understand more the barley bride go to Ruth Clue 6 and Clue 13 The Loaf of Barley
 Spring is over, darkness falls- tribulation.
The chapter opened with him feeding among the thorns, it closes with him feeding among the lilies. So much more to this chapter, many hidden jewels!

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AUDIO Introduction-To The Bridal Itinerary -Prophecy in the Songs (8minutes long)

Audio Songs Chapter 1-Rapture,Marriage, Ministry (43 minutes)

Audio-Songs Chap.1 Comparison Revelation Chapter 1 (25 min.)

In this audio we compare Songs of Solomon to the Book of Revelation. We find KEY words that verify Songs is a type of feminine copy of the book of Revelation.This audio is amazing we look at the key Hebrew words that lead us to verses and passages that reveal the concise picture/pattern for the bride!

  Summary of Chapter 1: The bride has been drawn forth/caught up and called out by the groom (this is the rapture we examine the Hebrew meaning behind the word "draw" The bride and groom have enter into the marriage, he equips her with a kiss and adorns with jewels. She desires to be near her beloved, so she goes forth and begins tending the flocks (goats), teaching and feeding them. This is the ministry of the bride, in the spring following the catching away/rapture; it follows the blueprint pattern established by Jesus after his resurrection, showing himself too many for a period of 40 days. In this study we go back to the root words and verses to get the full prophetic picture of the first days and hours with the KING! Within this study we will see the rapture, inheritance given, the completeness... and yes the wave offering (waving of the barley/bride) is buried but found in the Songs of Solomon, I have updated this study material from last year... plus it is available in audio! ~ HIS  love, Lora


New Videos- 14 Clues to the Rapture Time-frame- Feast of Weeks- Firstfruits!

Just a small note: I have  NOT updated any written material on my site, I have updated my material and content in the Clues VIDEOS ONLY. 

INTRODUCTION TO THE 14 Clues to the Rapture Time-frame

Clues 1 Enoch, Clues 2 Noah, Clues 3 Moses & Joshua
His time-frame points to the feast of weeks, but pinpoints the Feast of weeks Month 1, Day 17, a "new beginning". There will be 2 more future fulfillment on this date, for the bride, and for Israel. 

VIDEO on Clues 4 Daniel Clue 5 King David
 Both these Clues confirm the "generation of man" and the time-frame of "feast of weeks". 

Clue 6 Ruth the Barley Gentile Bride click here
Ruth is a similitude for the Bride of Christ, many patterns, and similitudes found in Ruth that confirm the time-frame of the barley harvest... 
as well as Clue 7- The Blue print Pattern for Bride of Christ... helping bring in the wheat harvest!

Clues 7 Jesus- The Third Day- A 40 Day Blue Print Pattern By Jesus For the Bride

VIDEO-Clue 8 - The Counting of the Omer- All Eyes Are On the Barley!
So what is the Counting of the Omer all about? The Omer is a measure of Barley traditionally lifted up and waved for
 49 days..... a pattern for the Bride! ( Just think, in a wedding, as the bride is walking down the isle, all eyes are on her!) The Counting of the Omer is a similitude for the bride of Christ as she will be lifted up and waved for 49 days.
VIDEO ON CLUES 9, 10, 11,12
(Clues 9-12 are all in one video)

Clue 9 The Desire of the Soul During the Tribulation:First-ripe fruit -barley 
 THOSE LEFT BEHIND SOUL WILL DESIRE THE FIRSTFRUIT  " my Soul desired the firstripe fruit. “ Micah 7:1

The Latter Rain and the Rapture Go Hand in Hand- Month 1
( The Harvest needs the rain to water the seed, so there can be a harvest)

Clue 11 The Feast of Firstfruits- 
A day with an established pattern of Resurrection:
1 Cor. 15:23 But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming. 

Clue 12 The Day the Sickle is taken to the Sheaf= Examining this day-Firstfruits "The Promise of More to Come"

VIDEO: Clue 13- The Loaf of Barley

Clue 13 The Loaf of Barley Summary Points: Clue 13 examine the significant history of barley found in the scripture.
  • The measure  of barley given over wheat. The measure and price of barley given for a field and for man/women.  The multiplied measure given for the barley during the latter days found in Revelation.
  • Clue 13 examines the barley and flax during the Judgments of Egypt, which are a type and model for Jesus and the bride.
  • Making of the loaf of barley and which it is  to be offered up at the temple by the high priest . Priestly significance of the Loaf of barley offered up at the altar of the LORD. The Focus of Barley which is waved for 49 days.
  • Barley similitudes for Christ and for the Bride. Roles of the Loaf of Barley past and future. Spiritual food/Barley feed the multitudes, multiplied in the hands of Jesus. Warfare/Loaf of Barley overthrows the armies against Israel

Video- Clue 14 The Three Loaves

3 LOAVES: 1 Unleavened Loaf of Barley and 2 Leavened Wheat Loaves

In Clue 14  we examine how and why the 3 loaves  are linked together by 50 days, both are firstfruits! All eyes will be on the barley loaf for 49 days, then on day 50 the focus changes to the 2 leavened wheat loaves, this is key! The barley and wheat have a roll in the end time harvest, we examine this roll, we examine who the Two leavened wheat loaves are. This study gives a huge peek into His end time harvest  as we dig  deep into the scriptures  we will  see the beauty of the harvest plan being fulfilled to  by both barley bride, and firstfruits from the wheat!  I love this study!


Be the Bride!
Be the Loaf of Barley!

Lora Shipley

Please note, many of my studies have insights, I do not consider them doctrine; in many of  them I am asking the question, making comparisons and trying to put the pieces to the puzzle together. All  my studies are based on scripture and patterns that have been established in his word. I hope you are blessed.


Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they [also] which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

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