Lisa P (30 Apr 2011)
"hang on to Jesus"

Hello this is Don P or as most you know me Tigger. I would like to share some thing with you all I was told to do this sometime ago. But a situation arose where Satan interfered with what I was supposed to do through some of the people I trusted the most. I guess Luke 21 has come into my life.

A little info first I am a horrible typer and writing English is not one of my skills either. I am ADD I have a major heart problem which I'm having surgery in June, and since I have not been able to work for the last couple years I am losing my house and having to sell the stuff I own to live. I do not remember dreaming in a long time 20 or 30 years. I have even asked my doctor why I don't dream and he said everyone dreams you just don't remember them, but I do remember dreaming when I was younger and it was a long time without dreaming. That all changed in December of last year. Dreams all so clear that they were scary and the worst part was as I watched the news I see exactly what I saw in the dreams.

First dream I want to tell you about. January 14, 2011 I dreamed that people were sending money to the US government. At this time tornadoes started tearing up the whole Midwest several people were killed the storms were horrible the damage was unbelievable. I did not understand the dream why people were sending money to the government. And what that had to do with tornadoes. Until the week that taxes were due when most people are waiting to pay the government until the last minute all the tornadoes started. The dreams continued and I'm still having them and I even interact with them. The tornadoes and storms and floods keep going through the beginning of the growing season. This results in a very poor harvest that causes food shortages around the world. The people and the news all reported as normal spring storms due to global warming. But I am told that it is not global warming it is Gods warning. Funny how the same first two letters are there, God is calling us to repentance and to come back to him as our first love. I asked how this is different than the normal spring tornadoes. And was told you know it's God when the storms are bigger in number and size and in places they normally don't happen.

So I've gotten on the Internet and checked out the number of tornadoes that usually happen for spring and the number we've  had is bigger than any recorded history we've even broken single day records. Usually the storms are F-0 to F3 and few F4s the storms have been bigger even F-5s have occurred.

The second dream I want to tell you about is actually the first dream I had. In December I had a dream of a great earthquake houses were pancaked tsunami happened tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands die in the earthquake. Everyone on the earth feels the tragedy. I believed that was the Japan earthquake but it did not look like my dream. In the dream the earthquake hits a great city I do not recognize the city it's not one that I've seen but skyscrapers fall, bridges collapse, and houses pancake all you see is the roof on top of the buildings. I am still having the dream so I do not believe this is the earthquake that happened in Japan. The best way I can describe it is you take a ball putting your hand and shake it hard. It will be the greatest earthquake ever felt and I believe it will be the last warning God gives us. It happens not in the winter or in hot summer due to what the people are wearing shirts and pants not many shorts and no jackets like maybe late spring or beginning of fall. I will keep looking for a better date but I didn't get the people sending money to the government in the tornado dream.

Why this is happening to me I do not know. But I was told to tell people so I sold some personal items and bought this talking to the computer type machine. And I'm doing what I was told to do. The only thing I can put together is that it doesn't bother me to lose everything and I will still follow Jesus. I also believe every word is absolutely true in the Bible and everything will happen as it was told. Like in second Peter 3 says a day is like 1000 years in 1000 years is like a day. So from the date of creation to zero was 4004 years and from 0 to 2011 equals 6015 years or six days. We are waiting for nightfall of the six-day and then the thousand year rest.

God is using nature His nature to call us back to Him and finished the race strong. But like Judah of old we have become spiritually numb caring more about stuff health wealth and believing that these are all normal because the media tells us so. We are living in the time of Daniel where knowledge is abundant couple clicks of a mouse and a couple typed words and you can find out anything. check it out and I will keep you all updated. please keep your faith strong.