Linda Spencer (20 Apr 2011)
"One More Try!"

Could it be?  Could it be that it was a personal message?
There is lots of talk about April 21, 2011.  I was somewhat amazed at the thought of that day because I didn't see any real significance.  To me it was just another day.  It wasn't on the Sabboth, it was just one of the days that fell within the 7 days of the week of  Unleavened Bread.  I didn't even give the studies presented a read because it just didn't mean anything that stood out spiritually for me.  You know it wasn't on the significant high watch days that we are so use to.  It wasn't even a Tuesday,  the traditional wedding day or any day that we've deemed a woo hoo day! It was merely Thursday!
But then so many studies or eyebrows begin to rise concerning this day so I began to take note and read them, to see what was going on.  My eyes began to take a different turn as I learned what others were getting so excited about.  Could this be why most of us think the rapture will happen on any given day...the "mystery day" so to speak! Just a day that we would all be going about our everyday lives.  To Israel, Thursday is just a day during Unleaven Bread, they are use to this practice.  To everyone else it is just...another...Thursday.  And for those of us who are watching for our Lord, we hope that this is a day He will come for us but are not sure if that is how it will turn out, right! As I read the post by others something dawned on me.
I know you all remember the voice that jolted me out of sleep October 5, 2009 that said:
"DAY 5 The Awakening Blast"
I had given up on this because nothing other than what I have already expressed had materialised.  I've always thought it had something to do with the rapture but it hadn't happened yet.
The next time I heard the voice and was jolted out of sleep was on
Nov 18, 2010.  It said Fast and Pray! Fast and Pray! I did, immediately for 24 hours.
The next voice jolted me out of sleep while taking a nap on Nov 18, 2010 the same day of the fast and it said, This is it, time is up! 
The next time was 8 days later on Nov 26, 2010, it also jolted me out of sleep durning a nap, when I saw the words written, This is it, time is up...suddenly! 
I am so sorry I keep coming back to this but it raised it's head again while reading all the studies concerning April 21!  This is what I saw that made me write about this one more time.
April 21, 2011 is:
  1. Nisan 17- the original ressurection Day of our Lord ~ the Head
  2. The Feast of First Fruit~we are waiting to be connected as the Body
  3. Day 5 of the week
  4. It's also my Birthday~is this why it could have been a personal message also?

"Day 5 the Awakening Blast" was spoken to me twice, then as I opened my eyes I also began speaking the words with my own mouth, got up and wrote about the experience right away and shared it with all of you.


Could it be that it was a personal message just for me, and I say this in all humility, not that I am anything symbolically special.  The O did recieved the Peace Prize on Day 5 back then and America also blasted the moon which landed on October 9, 2010, day 5 inclusive of that Monday October 5, 2010.  We are all aware that sometimes things have a dual meaning.  Could it be??? 
This is quite interesting to me and I hope all the post I've read are a confirmation to this as well.  I guess we all will soon see uh!
Praise Jesus!  I know I am ready! and I know all of you are too! Come Quickly Lord Jesus
Blessed Be His Name