Linda Hazelton (4 Apr 2011)
"Making Barack Hussein transparent"

WOW!!!!!  Looks like they are going to publish all the evidence before the trial.  This is wild!
Crossroads GPS, the cash-rich Republican outside group planning to spend $120 million on the 2012 election in conjunction with its sister organization American Crossroads, announced Wednesday the launch of a website called "designed to crowd-source information gleaned from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and other public documents by organizations, individuals and journalists."
The site is meant to "facilitate efficient sharing of public information about the Obama Administration" and highlight FOIA requests that have gone unfulfilled. It has been set up to look like Wikipedia.

Among the documents uploaded so far is one showing that three Medicare advertisements featuring Andy Griffith cost the government $404,000 to produce and a total of $2.78 million to air. (This had been previously reported.) Others show meetings between two administration officials - Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head Elizabeth Warren - and liberal journalists and union officials. (One of those journalists, David Corn, denies the meeting, and Crossroads did not immediately point him to the document on the site suggesting it took place.)

President Obama vowed that his would be the most transparent ever, and among the steps it has taken is disclosing the names of those who have come to the White House for meetings. Yet even some administration allies, like John Podesta, who led Mr. Obama's transition team, say the administration has done a poor job in responding to information requests. The Associated Press found earlier this month that the administration refused to release information for more than one in three requests, and responded to fewer requests last year despite an increase in requests.