Linda Hazelton (2 Apr 2011)
"Re: Fox"

I have noticed a recent change in Fox in the past few months also.   It seems they are giving more
air time to commentators that are far left.  
My antennae were really up when Megan Kelly presented a news item involving some young Girl Scouts
in Georgia selling their cookies in unauthorized places.
The police in a small Georgia town told them they had to stop selling them.  Megan Kelly was so
emotionally outraged that the police would do such a thing. . . she went on and on and on.  First of
all it was the parents faults.   The Girl Scouts were young enough that it had to be the parents that
made the decision about where to set up their sales.   Any parent involved in this kind of stuff should
be aware that there are rules about where you can do these sales.  
I called the police department that was involved (can't remember the name of the town now) and
told the receptionist that answered the phone how I thought that Fox was way off and thought it
curious that they would be so but that the PD should just continue to do the right thing.  She said,
"Just a minute," and the chief of police answered after a brief pause.   I explained what I had
explained to her and stated that I wanted to encourage him and his staff to continue in what they
were doing.    He was thankful for the comments but was kind of bewildered as to why Fox would
so adamantly pursue the story.
Makes me wonder if Fox is scared or trying to get more money by attracting the left more.
I only watch Hannity and Greta anymore.