Lewis Brackett (25 April 2011)
"Is Daniel's covenant this September ?"

Is Daniel’s covenant this September ?
I was just listening to some u-tube commentary on the Bedouin Palestinian state being proclaimed in September and all of a sudden I made a connection– conclusion….
Such a “peace settlement”  would by its definition be a “covenant with many”  giving Israel “peace and safety”.
At least for a while, until the Gog-Magog war….. The world leaders would CONFIRM agree with this peace, starting Daniel’s 70th week—
If this is of course the Covenant Daniel had in mind  :)
September is important because, as I have exhaustively promoted,:) ,  I am quite convinced that the 2nd coming will happen in some future October during Yom Kippur.... See my timeline …….
If this September's peace treaty, Covenant, is indeed Daniel’s covenant with many which the unknown, future AC agrees with, the 2nd coming would be 7 years later during Yom Kippur 2018
IF, as I said :)   And no, we still don’t know when the rapture will happen……. Are you looking UP???
Lewis Brackett