Leslie Fain (18 Apr 2011)
"Sleep paralysis"

“Sleep paralysis?” Leave it to man to come up with an explanation! For those who experience it and are Christian who rebuke it in the name of Jesus to have it immediately leave. I am sorry but how ever you put a label to it is still demonic. For those who see the spirit world they will tell you plainly that it is a demon. Oh but drugs cure it excuse me but what are drugs?? What does the bible say about them? Man has gotten so far from the spiritual world! Their spirits are stiff and un-welding they have an explanation for everything! For me having discernment of spirits and have “sleep paralysis” happen to me knowing the thoughts of the demon attacking me doing all it could to prevent me speaking Jesus’ name. Then I am to believe it is all “in my head”? I am sorry but I know what I know and felt.  There is a so called expert for everything that everyone believes so blindly like sheep. Like snopes I get a kick out of how people totally believe that snopes is the absolute truth and at the end of articles is the little headline “Verified by snopes!” Well I have found them to have false information!! In fact the couple that run it are friends of obama! People wake up and do your own research!!! The bible tells us to discern every word and see if it be true. Don’t believe anything unless you yourself have found it to be true!! So many are like sheep following the precepts of man. So many go to church and listen to their pastor but how many actually go home to their bibles to see if that pastor spoke truth? I am sorry but I get \so tired of people repeating the “Experts” when they are nothing but men!  Only God is the expert and you will find all answers from Him! We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities!! What does that mean? My experiences are verified by what the bible says!! Every single time I spoke Jesus name it left period. How do you explain that? It’s all in my head? That the name of Jesus works???  The bible teaches me that the demons tremble before the name of Jesus. Why do all Christians who have “sleep paralysis” say when they call out Jesus’ name the “sleep paralysis” leaves?? Why do all feel demonic spirits?? Is that coincidence? Oh its all in their heads and here take this drug! What’s wrong with this picture? Church wake up!! This world is pulling the wool over your minds!