Leslie Fain (15 Apr 2011)
"Re: Jennie"

I too have in the past been attacked by demons sitting on you. I have also had to anoint my windows and doors with oil to prevent attack frequently. But recently I had to take covenant at the corners of my property because of a witch walking my property and I have noticed the drop of attacks they cannot cross the blood! It really works I have not had to anoint my house since then.People who cast out demons also say to write scripture on a stake and pound them into your corners of your property. The thing left is to be careful of who comes into your house. They can bring demons in. I also had a hole in my basement for a sump pump and I had to seal it off to demons by covenant. I live on a reservation and the principality over it hates me and it has been a constant battle. We fight not against flesh and blood!

I appreciate all prayer!!

Thank you John!