Leigh (30 Apr 2011)
"to Marshall Swing II no RAPTURE????"

Could you please publish to the world your answer as to what GOD told you about the rapture? Because ALL prophecies must be fulfilled. What about Adam and him being obedient to his wife rather than to GOD being driven out of the garden of EDEN? What about Joseph being saved from his brothers, David being protected from Saul;  Daniel in the lions den, in the fiery furnace? What about the Egypt plagues and the Jews going to Canaan??? In South Africa they say if you dont believe in the rapture you wont make it. I feed about 120 birds a day. The magpies, kookaburras crows and lorekeets fight over the bread and meat but the Doves always stay a few metres away from them, waiting till the rest have finished. The DOVES ARE MEEK AND STAY AWAY FROM SIN: Hallelujah JOHN AND ALL YOUR DOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GODS REMNANT A CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!! Marshall, will you PUNISH YOUR CHILD WHO IS OBEDIENT?????? GOD IS FAIR AND JUST. If you believe earth will be destroyed in Sept by Elenin you wont see the antichrist. Its all about believe. Thes, Peter etc. Jesus is our?? SAVIOUR!!!!! Leigh