Leigh (27 Apr 2011)
"Amanda John All DOVES!!! re 21 May 2011"

Reading all the postings about Elenin the thought of 21 May rapture came to mind.... they say after the 21st,  counting 153 days it will be the time of the end. Which is end October. Very strange indeed that Elenin passes earth much closer during that time than in March. They spent millions on billboards and adverts which makes me wonder about the verse where Jesus said that few people were ready for the wedding feast and commanded his servants to go in the streets and invite EVERYBODY to come!!!! How wonderful it would be if this would happen for they made such an effort to prepare as many as possible people for the rapture. I have never seen any of those billboards in Australia or in New Zealand which breaks my heart, so many people could hear the Word of GOD through Family Radio. Many people on the other rapture watch site became very depressed when  Easter passed so lets look at May 21, WHO KNOWS!!!! before we look at June!!!! They worked it out exactly on the day GOD CLOSED THE DOOR OF THE ARK. Does anybody have genuine knowledge of what really  is going to happen when it passes????  Lets not loose faith. Love you all Leigh