Leigh (23 Apr 2011)
"HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me II"

Just want to say that the Holy spirit has been so real for the past 2 weeks, its unbelievable. Number nine means JUDGMENT but its also the square root of 3 which is the FRUIT of the Spirit.   Read Hag 1:11. Drought on the mountains, land,corn, new wine,oil, men cattle, upon all labour of hands! Thirty means Joseph, type of Jesus, Gen.41:46, Jesus,Daniel. Or that there would be no more warning from heaven???  The space of half an hour. Now is this the time the BRIDEGROOM TARRIED TO GET THE CHURCH IN HEAVEN????  The ten means completeness. The whole dream was about this 30 meaning GETTING THE BRIDE TO THE GROOM!!!!!! THE ANSWER::::::: 30 minutes IS THE HIGHER DEGREE OF PERFECTION MARKING THE, you guessed it!!!!!!    MARKING THE RIGHT MOMENT which GOD HAS DECIDED ON!!!!!!!!!!!   From this mornin when I woke up, there are exactly FOUR WEEKS TO GET READY TILL 21 MAY!!!! Coincidence or another warning coming on 21 MAY???? Up to you what you decide. Anyway, the Holy Spirit came over me when I started looking up the number. I think 10 also means the devil. Maybe the sudden destruction is just down the road according to Perry Stone. Love you all, thankyou John!! Leigh