Leigh (23 Apr 2011)
"The HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me"

The Holy Spirit confirmed to me that the dream I had last night came from him. I live in prayer the whole day as well as Bible study. I had to get the Bride to her wedding on time which would be 9.30 pm. I said to my friend: WHY SO LATE??? He said to my why dont I get a taxi to take her to the church? I WAS SO SHOCKED and he said well no. one you dont know where the church is, second, do you have enough gas in the car? I wasnt even dressed to go and THE CLOCK SHOWED 9.00 pm. I kept my eyes on the clock ALL THE TIME!!! I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed, knowing the BRIDE IS WAITING FOR ME, she has been ready since 8.30. I really got stressed and started to panic. I had no idea of where we must go, only knew it was a huge city about 20 minutes from where i was and I had to drive 10 minutes to where the bride was. The clock stayed on 9.00. I rushed to the car, IHAD TO GET IN THE CAR BEFORE 9.10!!!!  Luckily the bride waited OUTSIDE! She was MOST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!  I saw the clock on 9.10. Then I knew that were GOING TO MAKE IT. Entering this huge city I saw the church right to my right , turned and stopped. There were thousands of people!!! This morning I looked up the number 9.Peter John went up to the temple at nine which is actually six o'clock being Time of evening sacrifice. Half an hour later the prayer which accompanied the offering of incense which the guests at a wedding use, started. continue.....Leigh