Leigh (21 Apr 2011)
"we're GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hi John, Doves.Have been listening to Perry ston recently and once he mentioned that Ez. had to lay on his side for 390 years times times7=2730. Taking that it was 722BC brings us to 2008 which Ron Reese said was beginning of Trib. Mark Biltz blood moons which start in 2014, 15 brings us to the end of the trib. Ronald Weinland says Jesus foot will touch mt of Olives 26 May 2012, Family Radio says Rapture= 21 May 2011 and Dr Owuor says we are now in the time of grace where the Bridegroom tarries!!! my dream ended 38 min ago, were now waiting for Israel to get to 6pm. Thats 6.30 hours from now. Let us not be caught without a wedding gown like the "friend who got in without his wedding garment. In Jewish weddings they have someone running ahead of the Bridegroom shouting: THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING!!!!   Get clean with your family and enemies NOW!!!! NO SECOND CHANCES. We know now that the Rapture wont be later than September or even on the 23.04 2011 that CJ says about the FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!  We have a lot of OVERWHELMING FACTS!!!!HOPEFULLY THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! MARANATHA!!!!!!!!!!  Love you all, Leigh Australia.