Leigh (20 Apr 2011)
"Blood in the moon over Europe=Blood in Israel"

Hi John and Doves. A guy in Ireland sent a video showing the moon like it has blood all round it. He keeps on saying: Ive Never seen anything like it. Neither have I seen anything like that. Also in Israeli newspapers the headlines say: ISRAEL PREPARED AN ALLOUT WAR STRATEGY ON ALL FRONTS! If we go to the Christconnection.net they say that the Rapture MUST be in 2011 no doubts and no excuses. We work the timeline according to Israel because JESUS was crucified there so if it is 6 pm like my dream was meaning tomorrow night 6 pm in Australia then we must add 7 hours to get to Jerusalem time. So the rapture may start anytime from 1am EasternAustralianTime or 5 pm South African time. Which brings Australia to 22 April and USA 21st April. PRAY AS NEVER BEFORE, GET RIGHT WITH YOUR ENEMIES AND LOVED ONES, 1 John says how will we know that we are His disciples?  BY LOVING ONE ANOTHER, BE CAREFUL TO NOT STAYING BEHIND. GOD SAYS THERE WILL BE TRIBULATION LIKE THIS WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE..... LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Leigh Australia