Leigh (19 Apr 2011)

Dear John and all Doves,  IM SO EXCITED for TABBY said the LORD TOLD HIM THAT ALL HIS PROBLEMS WOULD END ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this is a confirmation of my dream, cant wait to get to Friday!!! Bruce, you said Jesus bride is precious to him: So last night I read about what Dr Owuor said in Haggai 2:  YET ONCE MORE I WILL SHAKE THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH the SEA AND DRY LAND. AND I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS so that the TREASURES {BRIDE?}  of all nations shall come in. I think it was GINA who sent the map of THE WHOLE WORLD IS SHAKING. I counted 140 quakes for JUST ONE DAY!!!  JENNY, please go the the rapture verses again. I misunderstood it myself but then read someone who explained it which opened my eyes as well: NOBODY KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR is all about THE DAY OF THE LORD!!!!!!  Read it for yourself......On the Rapture day,  WHAT A DAY OF REJOICING IT WILL BE IF WE ALL SEE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All our brothers and sisters with us in heaven with JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! MARANATHA. Maybe only THREE DAYS TO GET READY.  PRAY AS NEVER BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love Leigh Australia.