Leigh (18 Apr 2011)
"RAPTURE FRIDAY or SATURDAY??????????????"

John and all Doves:  My dream FOUR WEEKS TO GET READY, FOUR WEEKS TO GET READY, ENDS ON THURSDAY NIGHT 21st APRIL. I WOKE UP EXACTLY 6pm... So the rapture IF IT HAPPENS, will be on the Friday 22nd April. My dream was on the 24th March.... Now something really interesting happened. We ALL know CJ on the other website. He came across James chapter 5 verse 7!!!!!!  which shows the exact day of the rapture, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bridegroom waiting for the fruit!!!!!!!   His date is Saturday morning this week. Also they mention Dr Owuors video of the cup of wrath over the nations in September 2005.  I feel in my heart that our chances to be out of here this weekend are ENORMOUSLY BIG!!. MARANATHA, LORD JESUS, WE WELCOME YOU. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND ARE ANXIOUSLY AWAITING YOUR COMING!!!!!!!!!! Love in Christ JESUS our SAVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Love Leigh Australia