Leigh (14 Apr 2011)
"To Suzi, Linda Arn, Susan, Wendy and AMANDA!!!!!!"

We are all in the same boat except Amanda!!!  I asked for prayer for my son who turned his back on me after I asked his wife why wouldnt she allow him to take us out for his birthday... She told him 6 years ago that she hates me. Then I emailed her why cant we just have him for 3 hours in a year??? Anyway she forbid me to visit them 2 years ago. So Suzi you with your family problems, Linda Susan and Wendy, lets write the names and the prayer request next  to it on paper and every day pray for each other. AMANDA a week ago you said you would pray for my son to come back to us to restore our relationship, if you read my posting of 2 days ago I just asked you to keep on praying for him, thats why I mentioned your name again, many thanks, Amanda. You have a lovely son, I wish I could see him. We must all remember the enemy is walking like a lion trying to devour all of us.. Lets RESIST him in the name of JESUS,  and forbid him to attack our precious families.  DEAR LORD JESUS, PLEASE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN ON 21 APRIL, WE ARE ALL SO WEARY  AND SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE WE WONT SURVIVE A SINGLE DAY LONGER. HOLY FATHER, PLEASE SEND US YOUR PRECIOUS SON SO THAT WE CAN BE WITH YOU. We also pray for all our loved ones that you RESTORE ALL OUR RELATIONSHIPS and PREPARE THEM FOR THE RAPTURE BEFORE 21 APRIL 2011. IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME. THANKYOU FATHER THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS HEARD US BEFORE AND EVEN NOW ALSO, SO THAT WE CAN EXALT YOUR HOLY NAME IN ALL ETERNITY TO COME. THANKYOU FOR YOUR PERFECT WILL THAT WILL BE DONE.  Amen.....  They overcome him with THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Leigh Australia