Laurence (4 Apr 2011)

Hi Dove,
I look at the posts on fivedoves, now and again over  the last few years.
I had a dream, while i was visiting India, where God's word is moving very swiftly.
this was march just gone.
The dream i had was very vivid, i was in a living room with other believers
and i looked out of the window at the sky and the moon was very close and big, (this was a day before
we were due to see the full moon in march) ( back to the dream) as i looked out
of the window the sky was amazing the moon was very big and bright and was surrounded
by 8 or 9 little moons, surrounding the moon. and shooting across the sky were shooting stars,
the picture changed and i moved from one room to another and looked
out of the other window and then i saw two suns one to the left the other
to right but i could look at both of the suns as they wasnt shinning so bright.
the other believer were looking but not as amaze as i was at what was going on
end of dream, any idea if this mean anything?