Kit (4 Apr 2011)
"From Kit  For Nicole"

From: Kit
For: Nicloe
Dear Nicole,
I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It sounds like you really love her.You can count on my prayers. Her life isn't over yet, and we serve a great God. Let's believe the Holy Spirit will intervene and get to her somehow. All things are possible with God.
I recently edited a testimony of someone's experience of how the Lord brought a mother to the Lord. It is an awesome testimony. It seemed salvation for the mother would be impossible. The testimony is kind of private for the moment, but the last sentence in the dissertation is: "Anyone can be saved!"
I agree that there are many who participate in Christian "circles" who have unpure motives; those who seem to have a self-righteous ax to grind of some sort. I have experienced this myself when I quote Scriptures on a topic─when making a point, and instead of studying the issue with the Scriptures, these self-righteoous types just  "attack." But God is not mocked and He knows exactly what is going on.
Without that sincerely surrendered heart commitment which you allude to, one cannot be truly serving the Lord. It grieves me to no end how a limited number of "Christians" really put the Lord first. They seem to want to prove their own point and put themselves first.  I for one, am looking forward to the Millennium when King Jesus will rule!
You have a real heart for the Lord, Nicole. It is a blessing to correspond with you. Be encouraged, God is in control and you know He is the great miracle worker. I have placed your grandma at the top of my prayer list. We'll pray together, believing in God's miracle to change her heart.
By the way, has your grandma ever been involved in any type of religion? Or is she an atheist? She probably doesn't use a computer much--is that true?
In Yeshua's love,