Kevin N (23 Apr 2011)
"Farakhan's wheels in the sky"

    Listening to the video on Farakhan's wheels in the sky, reminded me of something I read in a book by Arthur E Bloomfield.
Bloomfield was a highly respected and widely published Bible scholar who wrote many books on prohecy. He died in 1980. However in his 1961 book, The End of The Days-The Prophecies of Daniel Explained, he said something amazing in the last chapter of the book: "Antichrist will amaze the world. The feature of his rise that will be so earth-shaking will be his connection with the spirit world. If the truth about flying saucers were made known, the people might be prepared for what is coming; but as it is, they are unprepared and the shock will be very great." 
    What is interestng is that no other reference to "flying saucers", as they were called back then, was ever made in that or any of his other books I have read. Perhaps he knew that the people of his day were not prepared to accept it and he would just be ridiculed. Yet he just couldn't finish the book with at least mentioning his belief.

From: Kevin N.