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Dating Daniel’s Vision

The date of Daniel’s vision is given in the text of chapter 10 as stated being in the third year of Cyrus (II), on the 24th day of the first month (Nisan).  While there certainly is some dispute dating Cyrus II the data from many contemporary (his) sources confirms that he conquered Babylon in the fall of 539 BCE.  Kings were dated from the first of the year (Nisan).  His ascendancy was from October 29th 539 BCE until Nisan 1, 3223 (538 BC), the beginning of his FIRST YEAR.  The second year was 537 BCE and Cyrus II’s third year would have begun Nisan 1, 3225 (536 BCE) or Julian Day 1525736.5.  Cyrus the Great ruled over Babylon for 9 years according to cuneiform tablets from the period, although the date of his death (August or December) is unknown.  He perished in 530 BCE according to both accounts.  Another marker to date Cyrus II is the Strassmaier Cambyses II tablet number 400 dating one particular eclipse in the 7th year of Cambyses II[1] (Cyrus’ son).  The date Tammuz 14 is inscribed, describing an eclipse in the early evening, shadowing the upper quadrant of the moon.  An eclipse matching that date, description and location occurred on Julian date 1530594.334 (Tammuz 14, 3238) in the seventh year of Cambyses II.  His ascendancy to the throne would have begun upon Cyrus II death (sort of like our ‘president-elect’ waiting period) and the 1st year of Cambyses II (529 BCE) would have began Nisan 1, 3232 (Julian day 1528277.5); his 7th began Nisan 1, 3238.  

The Bible and other substantiated historical and astronomical data set the date of Daniel’s vision on Nisan 24, 3225 or Julian day 1525759.5.

Daniel’s Fast

Daniel had fasted ‘a full three weeks’ or 21 days.  Daniel’s fast started on Nisan 3, 3225 or Julian day 1525738.  Exactly one month before (29.5 days) Venus and the moon had a very close meeting exactly on the spring equinox position, which is a fairly rare event.  On the 1st day of Nisan, 3225, to compound the sequence of rare events, there was a full solar eclipse.  When Daniel started his fast on the 3rd, Venus and the moon meet in the horns of Taurus, where the transit of Venus occurs in June of 2012.

[1] From the Banks of the Euphrates: by Alice Slotsky, Micah Ross; pg. 7; D. Lunar eclipses in 7 Cambyses, months IV and X.

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