Keith Davidson (7 Apr 2011)
"In The Day Of Our Lives for....Fay  & Ola Ilori"

I seldom respond to letters or posts in FIVE DOVES, but lately there are a couple of pointers to which all of the DOVE respondents ought to take cognizant of some interesting aspects to this closing chapters of Days Of Our Lives; namely...
In January 13th. Ola writes, where he sets out the correct SPRING FEASTS for 2011 are as follows:
( RABBICAL RELIGEOUS CALENDAR ?)                                                        (JEWISH CIVIL CALENDAR)
Passover; 18th may 2011 (14th Nisan)                                                                     Possible 1st Rapture  6th -Wednesday (Nisan 1)
1stDay of the Feast of Unleavened Bread : 19th May 2011 (15th Nisan )            April 18th Passover
Day of Firstfruits: 20th May2011 (16th of Nisan)                                                   April 20 th -27th   Firstfruits
Day of Ascension : 29th May                                                                                      June 8th Pentecost
Day of Pentecost : 30th of August 2011 (29th Tammuz
We certainly have a problem with our timing of when these FEASTS occurr. Please bring some clarity to this issue.
Keith Davidson