Keith Davidson (14 Apr 2011)


Re :Fay (12 April 2011)

Yes indeed, Fay ,I am taking the Jewish CIVIL CALENDAR as our guidepost to Glory. I remember the excitement around the time 1997 to 1999 there was such an increase in posts on this site over the expectancy and the fulfilment of prophecy. The number "11"  has cropped up before, so this renewed interest raises the stakes for believers even more.

Who would have thought just two years ago that those countries mentioned in the scriptures rallying together ( lawlessness) to bring their concept of change against ISRAEL. Doves, this a clarion call to PRAY FOR ISRAEL.

Lately, in sharing some of the circumstances in my life with other believers, bore the identity of the HOLY SPIRIT
CONFIRMING, and bringing forth some remarkable events, which is so.o.o.o encouraging about the imminent taking away HIS CHILDREN!


Keith Davidson