Karla Gray (25 Apr 2011)
"Message to CJ and all the Watchers out there!"

You have blessed me so much!  I know Jesus didn't come for us when you said, and we all hoped you were right, but you have given me such hope for the last few years of watching, that it has been a time of really digging into God's Word.

I have learned so much in these last few years, more then all the 30 years I have been watching!  I don't blame you that the conclusions were wrong.  Face it, all of our conclusions have been wrong!  I rejoice in the journey together.  We are all rapture guessers, some of us just have more passion then others.

You are not false prophets, rather excited children working the puzzle at the Father's feet! Sometimes, we get the pieces in the wrong places.  The Father just smiles....and nudges a piece that will fit, a bit closer.

Do NOT get discouraged, and do NOT quit watching and working the puzzle.  We need to encourage each other as the day approaches. One thing we DO KNOW...He is coming soon!  Stay the course, keep watching with passion.  You are needed for His work in these final hours.

I for one am grateful for your dedication to God's Word.  Thank you so much.
Soon and VERY soon, we are going to see the King!