JT (6 Apr 2011)
"Prayer request"

Hey John and 5 Doves family,

I have been coming to this site for a few years and find it to be an oasis

in a land of dry bones.The Lord Jesus is about to appear and he is using

this site to keep us all ready. My family and I are in a dire need of a

financial breakthrough. I am a contractor in New Jersey and have not

had any work in 7 months. We have approx $250. to our name / no

savings and cannot collect unemployment because I am self-employed.

My wife and 2 sons are all saved / filled with the Spirit of the Lord and we

have always been faithful givers. I feel like you all are my extended family

in Christ and I would ask If you would all agree with us for a move this

week on our finances. We trust the Lord and it seems that trust is being

tried by fire. Thanks for reading as we all continue to look for the glorious

appearing of our great God and saviour Jesus Christ. My the Lord bless

you all.           In Christ, JT