Josua (12 Apr 2011)
"To: Raul + all Doves! "7 Year Covenant and the 2300 days""

Dear Raul + all Doves

the following video is on youtube since 19th of August 2008 and it
points exactly to 23. April 2011 for the rapture:
The video is from a man who got 3 dreams. The second dream is a
daycount (starting from the date he had the 3 dreams) that leads
precisely to 23. April 2011. I only found the video last Friday.

Today I went to fivedoves with the hope to find some other news for
the 23rd of April 2011... ...and was truly blessed with your
remarkably clear and well worked out summary:

It certainly looks to me like an amazingly well fitting timeline! In
spite of "nobody knows the day or hour" I believe that God reveals
everything to his prophets ahead of time. A bride is supposed to know
the date of her wedding! Jesus said "My sheep hear my voice!" - Amen!

Watch & pray!
YBIC Josua