Jo Peckinpaugh (2 Apr 2011)
"RE: Fay and Water Purifiers"

Hi Fay!  Thanks for your encouragement...

As a BROAD overview, I can tell you the protocol is fairly simple:  find out what's causing the cancer (if you can..for me, that was easy...excessive radon levels); correct the problem (or do what you can to change your level of environmental toxins, by changing/cleaning up your diet, exercise, etc).  The bombard your system with the case of many cancers, you don't want to spend time digesting, so juicing 'whole foods whole', preferably organic, takes precedence.  PURE ionized water is foundational to recovery; etc.  

The best two BOOKS that I found helpful were The Only Answer to Cancer, by Dr. Leonard Coldwell; and Knockout, by Suzanne Somers (believe it or not!)  You've got to 'arm' yourself with information; have your friend watch Dr. Max Gerson's video, The Beautiful Truth, or I think there's another called The Gerson Miracle.  They have a 92%+ cure rate for cancer...a bit higher than the standard +-5% of standard medical protocol.  Above all else, I've learned you HAVE to become your own patient advocate.  Study for yourself, test things ON yourself if you feel they have value, monitor your own results, discard that which doesn't work and keep looking for ways that do.  Not rocket science, for sure. (Sounds similar to the Bereans in Acts 17, yes?)

To give you an idea of our ministry, we periodically held health and wellness sessions here (one day each week for 4 weeks; there is no cost to participants)  In the first session we learn what folks are facing, we collectively research each ailment/disease as much as possible, we pray over each person and ask for God's guidance; I talk to them about the contaminants in the water and how vital it is to have PURE ionized water...given the situation now this is especially important.  The EPA says the way to effectively combat radiation in the water is via ion exchange or reverse osmosis. /radionuclides.cfm?action=Rad_Reverse%20Osmosis   I have both systems installed, and am careful not to drink water/coffee/tea OUT.  The change in water ALONE coupled with a magnesium supplement (CALM plus calcium) completely reversed my chol/ratios/labwork within one month.   I researched systems and will share that info with you/your friend if you wish.

The type of cancer, for instance, dictates the protocol to of the folks who've done remarkable work in the field of breast cancer is Dr. Lorraine Day...we have all her tapes, and go thru them if that's our focus.  Can I share a brief story?  One of my agents, Shirly Chandler, was a precious gal who came to my office from another part of the state..seems she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and went into remission before she came to work for us.  One day during sales meeting, I noticed she was acting strangely...she confided to me that she'd learned her cancer had returned with a vengence, and her TnCare doctor (she had no money) had suggested hospice.  Her prognosis was 1-3 months.  She had no family in town, no money, and was in a great deal of pain but couldn't work if she took the drugs.  We prayed, got Dr. Day's tapes  (, bought juicers, and she did what she COULD of the protocol outlined.  I say this because Lorraine's regimen is overwhelming; Shirly wasn't able to afford organic vegetables, various tests, and she needed to work.  So she made what changes she could; 2.5 years later she was the top producer in my office.  There's MUCH more to the story, but suffice it to say...Shirly fell into the stress trap of many successful realtors...regained poor eating and resting habits....the cancer immediately returned and she -- just as quickly-- died.

We learned much from that...with cancer, you don't want to spend time 'digesting' but want your body to heal and repair...hence the juicing.  Folks with tendencies towards diabetes or blood sugar issues can do this successful and they WANT the fiber, so they might use a vita mix and lay off many of the fruits, etc.  Still heavy on the greens, etc.   Folks with skin cancers / parkinsons are often instructed NEVER to go out in the sunshine...yet we know vitamin D3 deficiency LEADS to these diseases.  (Much is available via Dr. Russell Blaylock/Life Extension Foundation on this)  Diabetes, unchecked, often leads to alzheimers (diabetes of the brain)....yet diabetes is one of the most easily reversed of the conditions that we see.  (Dr Mark Hyman -- no, he's not Christian -- has medically documented a case of REVERSAL of dementia via a similar program of detoxing/ etc.   Do you understand the point I'm making?  The more you know about that particular person and their situation, what they eat, their environment and habits... the quicker you may be able to help them discover-- FOR THEMSELVES --what got them to that point in the first place.  God really has provided us with an AMAZING machine that will heal itself if given the opportunity (AND if the immune system hasn't been destroyed)

Most of the health regimen is really nothing more than that already outlined in scripture!  What a to care for the 'owner' is in the 'owners manual'....hmmn...  :)  There is so much to tell you, and I'm not sure this is something that the doves might find interesting.  Why not send me your email address and I'll get into as much detail as you'd like..OR you can have your friend contact me directly.  I make no claims Fay; just am willing to share what I've seen work with others and has worked for me.  It takes an open mind and being willing to 'get out of your comfort zone' a bit.... My email address is if you or your friend would like to contact me directly.

Jo Peckinpaugh
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