John Clark (4 Apr 2011)
"Prayers Requested"

I could use some prayer on April 5, probably between the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.  I will be undergoing a procedure during that time at one of the regional hospitals.  They attempted the same procedure three times back in the beginning of March, without success.  So they added another  medication to my regimen and are going to "try again" on Tuesday.

My "specialist" is working on autopilot and is blindly attacking a major symptom.  A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit gave me guidance right before awakening that I was able to initiate a few days later (a certain supplementation).  Therefore, my confidence is high that this time the procedure will be successful.

Another major concern of mine is that there is a 50% relapse rate within one year of one of these procedures.  Therefore, they will be wanting to keep me on three of my present four medications to prevent more serious complications and hopefully prevent a relapse.  But I know that if I stay on  these drugs for any length of time, I will be sacrificing many other organ systems trying to save one major organ.

An old saying we used to have in the emergency room was, "Never let your patient be alone with a "specialist."  You always had one of your ER nurses in the room with a specialist.  The reason being, is that specialists wear blinders.  They frequently only see their "specialty."  (Like my specialist.).

Example: A neurosurgeon will be trying to figure out a persons coma, and never recognize that the patient is actively bleeding to death.  (I witnessed this myself.).

I need prayer to be attuned to the Holy Spirit as to which way to proceed after the "procedure."  So your prayers would be greatly appreciated, before- during- and after.