John Clark (16 Apr 2011)
"RE: James R (14 Apr 2011) "TO JOHN CLARK""

RE: James R (14 Apr 2011) "TO JOHN CLARK"

Blessings James.

Thank you for the input concerning CO-Q10 and cod liver oil.  I agree with you entirely.

I was taking, I believe, 100 mg of CO-Q10 for about a month prior to the onset of my arrhythmia.  When I discovered the atrial fibrillation, I immediately increased that dosage to three times a day, and have maintained it ever since.  My sister-in-law who has significant heart problems, has also had  good results with CO-Q10.

Now a few years back I read up on cod liver oil and dreaded the thought of taking it.  I really can't stand the taste of fish.  But I eventually came across a "Carlsons" brand that had it, I believe in strawberry or cherry flavor.  Now that I could handle.  I eventually stopped taking it because the amount I was using was resulting in too much vitamin A. I switched back to flax seed oil even though the fish oils are a better choice.  (Minus the Mercury).

Back in the 1950s a German scientist named Johanna Bugwid (not positive about the last name), was doing amazing things with flax seed oil and a food similar to cottage cheese.  Reportedly she developed the first laboratory tests regarding fats and cholesterol.  Some of the proteins and sulfur compounds in the cottage cheese makes the omega three fatty acids water-soluble which results with greater penetration into the cells.  She reportedly was curing brain tumors with 30 g of flax seed oil.  After reading a book on her, I cured myself of plantar fasciitis (a painful foot disorder) in less than 48 hours using 20 g of flex oil a day.  This problem has never returned, and to my surprise, my total cholesterol dropped over 40 points without change in my diet or exercise.  I was using capsules of flax seed oil.  And you could probably get a greater drop in cholesterol by using freshly ground flax seeds.  Far more safer and cheaper than the Staten medications.

Thanks again James.