John Clark (14 Apr 2011)
"RE: Susan B (13 Apr 2011) "To John Clark re arrhythmia""

RE: Susan B (13 Apr 2011) "To John Clark re arrhythmia"

Blessings Susan.

Thank you for your "Dear John."

I appreciate your information and confirmation of the path I should take.  Upon awakening this morning, the first thought upon my mind was possibly referring myself to a cardiologist connected to the cardiac electrophysiology lab in the nearest metropolis.  Now here in United States that might be a process that may be a little difficult and might cause some complication.  But I had prayed about it, and now I read your post offering assistance.

I would greatly appreciate guidance toward a facility or physician with expertise in this area.  The most appropriate referral area from my present location would be Sacramento, California.  There's one particular hospital in that area I am planning to research, which has one of the highest rankings in the state.  Over a decade ago my father had a pacemaker wire that was recalled.  That hospital had the cardiac surgeon with the greatest expertise in the entire United States.  I've also been told that Stanford University is also one of the best.  But that would be a significantly greater commute.

Any guidance from you or your nephew is greatly appreciated.

God Bless.